A number of different times in the past, different researchers exactly measured the chambers and passageways and walls and features inside the Great Pyramid of Egypt, and also the outside of the Pyramid, without knowing what their measures meant. They could not make any sense of it; they did not see any significance. The measurements of the chambers and passageways and features Timothy Milby uses in this book are from those researchers who meticulously measured the Pyramid. The author Timothy Milby discovered the AMAZING mathematic and geometric code built into the Great Pyramid. Read more

About Timothy Milby

The author Timothy Milby has always been interested in the Great Pyramid of Egypt and Atlantis, researching these subjects. For many years Milby has extensively studied the Great Pyramid’s history and its many design features and details. Also, Milby has for a long time studied the Edgar Cayce readings.  Read more

Excerpt from the Book

The large number of stones in the Great Pyramid presents something of a logistical problem. Each stone had to be quarried, hauled to the Pyramid, shaped to fit the adjacent stones, lifted up to the top and put in place. Suppose that the Pyramid was built in 20 years. There are about 2 and a half million stone blocks in the Great Pyramid. One stone would have to be placed  Read more

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